A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

We are now over a month into a new year. Most of us have made our resolutions or goals for the New Year. You probably even know a few people who have already given up on some of their resolutions. Today is a good time to revisit your resolutions and goals and maybe add a different kind of goal to the list.

Everyday Intentional2

The thing about resolutions and goals is that most of the time they are all about our self-improvement. We want to lose weight, exercise more, make more money, lower our golf handicap, spend more time with family, travel more, and many other things. However, these resolutions are all about us. There is nothing wrong with self-improvement so keep doing them.

But what if we made a resolution or set a goal to make the world a better place? What if we made a resolution or goal that was about helping others or making their lives better? Focusing on others is how we can put significance in our lives. Bob Buford in his book, Halftime, says that success is all about us and significance is all about others.

So, how can you get significance in your life? First, you have to start. You have to figure out what you are best at doing and what you are passionate about doing. Next, decide how you can use your strengths and passion to help others. Then stop trying and start doing.

In the movie Pay it Forward, teacher Eugene Simonet challenges his class to go out and make a difference in the lives of others. He tells his students to think of an idea to change our world, and then put it into action. Otherwise, start doing.

What if you made a resolution to make a difference in the life of someone every week? Or what if you made a resolution to help an organization make a difference in the lives of several people or some group? By making a goal focused on others in addition to your other self-improvement goals, you will be heading toward a life of significance.

To effectively accomplish these goals you must be intentional about doing something every day or every week or on a consistent basis. Most people have good intentions but you must turn good intentions into good actions to move toward a more significant life.

So I challenge you to get intentional. Find something you can do to make a difference in the life of someone else. Do it intentionally. Do it consistently. Think big but start small. Start where you are but start. 2016 is just getting started so it is not too late.

By making a different kind of resolution, this year just might be your best year ever.