Don’t Get on the Chicken Chewy Spiral

I was reminded by my daughter of a great business lesson.


She had a favorite restaurant that she liked to visit about once a week. Not long ago she ate there and remarked that the chicken wasn’t as good as usual. She said it had a few chewies in it. Maybe she just got a bad piece of chicken that day.

At the next visit, the chicken was chewy and even worse than the previous time. The same thing happened during the next visit which was my daughter’s last trip to that restaurant.

So what happened? Like many businesses, when times are tough, they tried to cut costs by cutting quality or service or both. They started using lower quality chicken. My daughter didn’t like it. Business went down and they cut quality again. They have lost my daughter as a customer and I don’t know how many others.

This was a good reminder for me that regardless of the business, quality and service are important.

What do you do when business slows down? Quality and service are especially important when customers have choices. Don’t get caught in the Chicken Chewy Spiral that leads to declining business. Insure that you give the best quality and service that you can. Your customers will appreciate it and keep coming back.